Bronze - $24.95 per month

Perfect for those just starting their tanning experience
And those looking for a budget conscious option
Large tanning surface w/ 3 facial lamps

You’ll love your gorgeous bronze tan from Beach Bums. We offer the best tanning equipment and lamps to insure you’ll get a dark sexy, long lasting tan in just a few sessions.

Beach Bums Offers five levels of tanning to meet your needs. All of our beds have facial lamps, cooling fans, and large flat surfaces for easy access and comfort.


Tanning Starting At $24.95 Per Month

Platinum - $42.95 per month

Luxurious high-powered tanning
Produces deep dark tanning results
This level also includes our stand up booth.
Delivers a dark tan in just 15 minutes

Silver - $30.95 per month

Take your tan to the next level
Higher intensity lamps for a quicker, darker tan

Diamond - $48.95 per month 

Ultimate tanning experience
High pressure body lamps
Golden brown tan in 12 minutes

Gold - $36.95 per month

High performance tanning
Provides beautiful bronze color in 15 minutes

Perfect for those who prefer a stand up booth.

Part of our Platinum Level membership.